Digital finger painter

Yusuke Akamatsu








Digital finger painter

Yusuke Akamatsu

1967年10月21日、大阪府茨木市出身。 1985年、両親との死別をきっかけにエンターテイメントの 世界へ。コメディアン、ディレクター、構成作家、小説家、イベント 演出の数々を手がける。1995年に映像クリエイターに転身する。 デビットリンチ、ウォンカーウァイ、市川崑、北野武に影響を受ける。 映像と写真を混合させた実験映像作品を作り続ける。 1997年から世界各国(韓国・香港・ベトナム・タイ・シンガポー ル・台湾)アメリカ(ロザンゼルス)イギリス(ロンドン)を放浪し、 人間の「乾き」について、作品を創作する。その作品は全てApple社の iPhoneだけで撮影、編集されている。主に写真と短編映像を制作して いる。写真は現代ポップアートと絵画的なゴシック調の間にある。映 像は一見、脈絡がなく意味をなさないように見えるが、これは物語の 根幹を観客に委ねる、一種の対話を試みている。 現在、フランス・パリ在住。フランスのアーティスト。



Yusuke Akamatsu

Yusuke Akamatsu was born on October 21, 1967 in the city of Ibaraki, in Osaka.  In 1985, the death of his parents led Yusuke to leave, and to resettle in Tokyo, where he became an entertainer, and tried his hand at being a comedian, a director, a screenwriter, a novelist, an event entertainer. In 1995, he changed gears and became a filmmaker, and was influenced by such  legends as David Lynch, Wong Kar-wai,  Kon Ichikawa, and Takeshi Kitano. He continues to fuse film and photography to create experimental films.

Since 1997, he has travelled the world (Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Los Angeles, America, and London, England), creating works on the theme of human barrenness. All his works are produced and edited using an Apple iPhone. His works primarily involve the use of photographs and short videos. The photographs are somewhere between pop-art and gothic paintings. At first glance, the videos may seem to lack context and not signify anything, yet the intention is that they serve as the seeds of a story, the ending of which is entrusted to the viewer, creating a dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

Yusuke currently lives in Paris, France, where he works as an artist.

About the works

The theme of this exhibition is the decline of humanity.  As human civilization evolves, we stage our own decadence.  We kill nature and living things, leading to the loss of culture and respect.  It is the pain of intolerance, resentment, immaturity and fear which propel our excruciating instincts.  Even as it becomes all the more apparent that the world is headed towards decline, human beings are interested in nothing but the perverse pleasure derived from a fall into depravity.  Human beings no longer remember nor think, and are nothing more than sheeps engaged in mindless reaction to life.

Until now, I have consistently expressed “human dryness”. Without human evolution, the world will not change. If we don’t insist more strongly on this idea now, the world may go to more decadence and eventually come to an end.


Exhibitions by Yusuke Akamatsu

The first Human, The Last Human
May 4 ~ 10, 2018
Galerie E.S. 57ruedesCascades75020Paris

January 1~8, 2019
GALERIE ARTCUBE  9, Rue de Furstemberg 75006 Paris, France

May 18~25, 2019
Hotel Martinez  73 boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes France
Participated in the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival

October 1~31, 2019
at the restaurant Maison Blanche
October 3~18, 2019
at CIC Bank in Neuilly. More than 50 customers attended
the event, which was held for association members.
December 1~7, 2019
at ADDA&TAXIE 35 avenue Matignon,  Paris

The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

Marina Shtager Gallery
Studio 24, 87 Crampton Street, SE17 3AZ. London

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